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Hi, I am Kevin Roberts, I’m a CPA and “holistic financial advisor.” Oh no, he said it…but what does that term mean and why would some want to be one.

First…what is a “holistic financial advisor?” Is that one of those financial prognosticators trying to sell you a book. I think not…I don’t have a book anywhere on this site. In fact, call me now and I will give you a free book Get in the Game that I co-authored with Kevin Harrington and Loral Langemeier. It’s totally FREE…as in nada…zilch…no dinero!! I will even pay to ship it to you. By the way, I am not the tan one on the cover of the book…that is the other Kevin…of Shark Tank.

Let me pontificate for just a minute. If any one of the TV or radio talking heads give you advice at the same time they are selling a book…they are doing just that…selling a book.

It is so easy to get off track when discussing something I am so passionate about. Now, back to the question what is a holistic financial advisor? I can’t describe it any better than this SHORT video.

Now, let me tell you why. Most of you know that I have had a CPA practice for years counseling clients on how to legally save thousands on their taxes each year. The progress my firm has made toward accomplish that goal is very gratifying. Forgive me for being blunt…THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We face some tremendously difficult times these days.

Never in our history have we, as a nation, faced such a condition as we now have. Stock markets are at all-time highs while interest rates are at an all-time low. In fact, in some countries there are actually negative interest rates. Now I am not an economist, but that sounds bad.

The next 3,000 days will prove critical for us as Americans. We will deal with some incredibly difficult conditions that will challenge us. I know it will challenge me as an advisor and advocate for our clients. I relish the opportunity to serve you.

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